Saturday, 27 March 2010

Henry Salt on the Bible and Vegetarianism

An interesting assessment of moral theology within the Food Reform movement which obliquely refers to the Rev. Gideon J. Ouseley (author of The Gospel of the Holy Twelve).

From the memoir Company I Have Kept, Allen & Unwin, 1930

See also: 'Bible and Beef' by Henry S. Salt and 'The Vegetarian Society and the Bible'

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  1. I think the "Gospel of the Holy Twelve" is one example of seriously tampered book of the Scripture. I believe that book hold some truths in there that we could connect to the New Testament books of the Bible and decipher some missing links like how about all the other twelve Apostles writings not included in the Bible?? Just dont take serious the Vatican propaganda inside the Book, coz the imprint they have added were too obvious. Also take caution on some Gnostics and Buddhism theology included like duality, reincarnation, coz some of those things have no bases on the NT Gospels. I believe in the "Gospel of the Holy 12" for the sake of nature and animals, which the NT Gospels and Books could not provide a clear instruction; arent you ever wonder why the Creator God in flesh, never have moments with His own creation but always talking about Human affairs of sinful men, I really think the Bible is incomplete, there's more out there they have hidden or purposely tampered. Indeed, the gateway to life is very narrow, and the road is difficult, and only a few ever find it. May God help and save us from the wicked world!