Monday, 26 April 2010

Rev. Francis Wood (1854-1934)

In the final year of his life, Rev. Wood consolidated a long-running dispute between the London Vegetarian Society and the Dean of St. Paul's Cathedral over the ethics of rearing animals for slaughter.

A Reply to Dean Inge's Defence of Flesh Eating became Rev. Wood's most remarked upon treatise on vegetarianism and animal rights although the clergyman explored the subject on several occasions.

The above photograph was taken in 1895, while Francis Wood (central) was studying at Manchester College, Oxford, during an interval from his Unitarian ministry. I am grateful to the current College Library staff for procuring this image and to 'Aphaia' for her assistance with formatting the scan for the Internet.

Here's an extract from Suffering and Wrong (G. Bell and Sons, Ltd., 1916) which appeared in the December 1933 edition of The Vegetarian News.

See also: 'The Dean again' , 'Animal Suffering' and 'Vegetarianism in Relation to the Treatment of Animals'

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