Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Quotation: the Rev. D. Martin Dakin (1933)

"We are vegetarians, not because we have satisfactory evidence that Jesus was one, but because we know that if we follow out to the full the ideals of love and kindliness that we owe to His teaching, we can under modern conditions be nothing else."

From The Vegetarian Messenger and Health Review (October 1933)


  1. Would love to read Dakin's full article. He was a Christian and his views would be most interesting. Dakin was first ever Brain of Britain and expert on Shrelock Holmes. Amazing man! Hope the full article in question will appear in this blog! Thanks for the words.

    1. Thanks for that great piece of background context.

      I'll certainly locate the source item again and keep an eye out for anything else I might have photocopied by the same author. In the case of these quotations or short extracts, sometimes the text may have been just that; in print (a spot quote in a magazine) or more likely; a lively insight within a wider letters debate or whatever which might not be particularly inspiring, as a whole.

      Then there are other articles which talk nonsense or seem boring at best but for a profound line or two worth rescuing which I doubt would be the case with Rev Dakin by the sound of things ...

      As an amateur project there will always be scope for students and scholars to take things far further anyway in the course of consulting archive journals at various libraries.

      Thanks again for making that notable connection and I'm glad the quotation appears pertinent after 80 years!