Friday, 29 April 2011

Quotation: Ronald M. Lightowler (1959)

"While we realise that there are a great many Christians to whom our plea would be in vain, may we ask those who are Christians in heart and spirit, and not merely of the intellect, to consider well what they do, especially when they approach the Altar to make their Christmas Communion, in the light of the words of one of the beautiful prayers in the Anglican liturgy, "here we offer and present unto Thee O Lord ourselves, our souls and bodies to be a holy, reasonable and living sacrifice. . . "

Those bodies which you offer, of what are they built up, of the pure substances provided in the "kindly fruits of the earth" or of the flesh of the slaughtered creatures of the same Creator Who also created you?"

From: 'Christians Awake' - Editorial in The British Vegetarian (November/December 1959)

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