Sunday, 1 May 2011

'Vegetarianism in the Pulpit'

From The Vegetarian News (September 1927)

Michael Fryer, who founded the important, if mostly forgotten, Crusade Against All Cruelty to Animals in 1955, wrote of "...the late Basil G. Bourchier, whose church was situated close to my home. This man rarely stood up in his pulpit without making some outspoken reference to the plight of suffering animals and man's inhumanity towards them. Far from causing people to turn away from his services, it had the opposite effect. Although his church was in size 'a young cathedral', one could not get a seat in his heyday unless one was there at least an hour before the service began."

Editorial, The Living World (Vol.1, No.1. 1970)

Rev Bourchier biography

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